General Manager



Nebil Turkbay is the founder and general manager of PATROL MAKINA. He was born in Turkey. His family moved to England when he was at early age. After completing his elementary education in England, He moved with his family to Iraq. He lived in Iraq until he finished his high school education and graduated from Baghdad’s Central College in the late 1970s.

With his high school degree at hand, Nebil decided to move to Alexandria, Egypt to attend the Engineering School at the University of Alexandria.

Living in Egypt while completing his bachelor’s degree, had laid the foundation for Nebil to have a solid understanding of the Egyptian and Arab culture at large, in addition to his early foundation in Turkish and British cultures. These experiences have contributed profoundly in making Nebil Turkbay a truly multi-cultural person.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Alexandria, Nebil moved to Istanbul, Turkey and established his first company in 1983, PATROL AJANS, an international translation company. Meanwhile, he attended the University of Bogazici in Istanbul to complete his master’s degree in Economic Sciences.

While working in his International Translation venture, Nebil discovered and became fascinated with the world of printing, from Typesetting to Graphic Designing and Printing. This experience led him to start his own company, PATROL MAKINA LTD, that specialized in the trading of Printing Machinery in Turkey. A few years later, the company had grown to be an international trading company, importing and exporting thousands of machines and achieving the status of being the biggest importer and exporter of Printing Machinery in the whole country of Turkey.

After writing a great business success story, Nebil is still working hard in running and leading his company to reach new levels of success in the printing market in Turkey and beyond.

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